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[012/365] Review: Lush's New Gorilla Perfumes

Scent can be a powerful thing. It can transport you back to another time. It can bring back old memories, good and bad. It might even draw you to someone new. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to perfumes. In theory, I think they're very special. There's something romantic about having your own "signature scent." I want to be that girl, but I don't have to patience to sniff every bottle in Sephora. I'm left with a headache when I try.

I'm a huge fan of LUSH. In case you haven't been lucky enough to visit a store I'll fill you in. LUSH is a British company that specializes in "handmade cosmetics." Their products are very natural, very good for the earth , and very good for your body. Some are even vegetarian and vegan if that is important to you. LUSH is known for their bath bombs and soaps, but they also have really awesome facial and hair products. Recently they have been expanding their repertoire to include perfumes and makeup. Yesterday they released their second round of perfumes to only 10 stores in North America. Luckily,  my Lush store (Glendale, CA) was one of the 10 chosen!
Each perfume is wrapped in tissue paper with each perfumes image on it (used a a backdrop) and placed in this Gorilla perfume tube. Gorilla/Guerrilla, get it?
I did my research way back in December when the perfumes were released in England (did I mention I'm obsessed?). Based on what scents I think I like thought Fruze, Flower's Barrow, and Sikkim Girls would be for me. Armed with that knowledge I went to Glendale during my lunch hour. Again if you haven't been to a LUSH before you should know that most of their stores are tiny and emanate this powdery citrus/floral smell because of all the bath bombs. Scott can't stand it. When I go in everyone is huddled around a small display tucked away in the corner. Other devotees have obviously heard about the new products too and beat me to the punch. The shop girl parts the seas and we start testing out perfumes.

The shop girl dabbed each perfume on my card for me to smell. It was difficult to really get a feel for each perfume this way since the scents didn't fully materialize until they were dry.

 The LUSH Gorilla Perfumes
The Sun - a sweet citrus scent inspired by the Jersey Shore, was nice, but not something I would even wear.
The Bug - too weird to for me to even consider. The shop girl said the sandalwood and black pepper scent was supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Mission accomplished.
Euphoria -  Unfortunately I don't remember what this smelled like. It didn't leave an impression or my nose couldn't distinguish anymore smells. The website says it has clary sage, grapefruit, lime, and neroli. I don't like grapefruit so I can see why I passed.
LUSH's comic book telling the stories behind The Sun and Euphoria.
Hellstone - Hellstone was similar to it's counterpart Devil's Nightcap, which I really liked, but with a more floral undertone. I think it was the vetivert.
The Voice of Reason - I couldn't wait to smell this perfume because it sounded so weird!The Voice of Reason was supposed to smell like cigarettes, cognac, and leather, like some beatnik cafe in the 1960s. Instead it kind of smelled like beef jerky (which  probably comes from the spicy, smokey, leather scent, but still…).
The stories behind Sikkim Girls and The Voice of Reason.
Flower's  Barrow - At the same time too floral and too crisp for me to really like it. Which makes sense since it's composed of geranium, rose, sage, and thyme.
Fruze - I was all set for this to be my favorite. It boasts notes of vanilla, honeyed caramel, and coconut. My daily perfume is Lavanila Vanilla Coconut. Sounds like a perfect match, right? Wrong. I think the caramel overpowered the other scents. On my skin the scent was too overpowering and made me a little sick. I ended up washing it off after an hour.
Devil's Night Cap -  Surprisingly, I really liked Devil's Night Cap. The mix of oakwood and ylang ylang give it an androgynous scent. I would like to go back and see how this one reacts with my skin because it smelled so nice on paper.
Sikkim Girls - a jasmine, vanilla, tuberose. This was the "sexy" perfume out of the bunch. I don't think it smells particularly sexy on me. On me it smell like you just walked into the floral section of the supermarket. It's a mix fresh air and very fragrant flowers, but shockingly not overwhelming. I was initally wary of Sikkim Girls because the website described it as "heady." When I think heady scents I think of patchouli like LUSH's signature Karma scent. Turns out it wasn't and I went away very happy!

I'm still new to the world of perfumes, but after Baby's day out I have two tips for perfume shopping:

1) Don't look at the label! I've been swayed so much because I wanted to like something, be it a brand or an ingredient. I was much happier when I wasn't forcing myself to like Juicy Couture's perfumes just because they have honeysuckle in them. Actually, or all of 2011, I only used Paris Hilton's perfume because I spritzer myself with an anonymous bottle at The Estate and fell in love with the scent (it reminded me of a perfume from The Limited Too I had in middle school). I would have passed right by it in the store though. Had only gone by the ingredients of LUSH's perfumes I would have ended up with Fruze and never worn it. Which leads me to my next point....

2) Try it on! Perfumes have a tendency to change when they react with your skin. Finding the right perfume that works with your skin chemistry is the first step to finding a signature scent. I learned that my skin tends to make fragrances lighter and sweeter. It's all about trial and error.
I'm so so excited to wear my new perfume. I will still probably alternate it with the Vanilla Coconut. I don't think either of those two scents are particularly seasonal, which is good because LA doesn't have seasons. I would use each perfume when I'm feeling a different mood. Vanilla Coconut makes more relaxed, comfortable, loving, and confident. Sikkim Girls makes me feel adventurous, mischievous, and unique. Isn't it neat how powerful scent can be?

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