Monday, May 6, 2013

[097/365] Explaining Games of Thrones to Dom

Dom watched his first episode of Game of Thrones tonight. Bold move jumping into something this complicated without so much as a briefing. Scott and I tried to explain the characters to him afterward:

Blonde With Long Hair and Bitch Face:

One-Armed Man:

Peter Dinklage:

Old Guy With Hook Nose in Leather:

Bad Ass Old Lady:

Boy King:

Crying Redhead Girl:

Bad Ass Little Girl:
Sean Bean:

Okay so if you were a character on GoT, who would you want to be, who are you worried people would say you are, and who do you think you really are?

I would want to be Daenerys (said every girl who has ever watched the show or read the books):

I'm worried I am Cersei:

Really I am Sansa:

P.S. I'm still upset about Ros

I didn't think it would end this way!